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A Dynamic holistic student organisation on UT Dallas campus to create stress free,socially responsible youth, leaders and managers through Yoga, Meditation and Service

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“I guarantee you that you will learn things that won't be taught in class rooms which will make you more successful in life” – Shashanka

“It took away all my worries, negativity, stress and left me with all positivity, peace , joy and love” – Parth

“Yes Club made me selfless, helped connect with myself and become more mindful.” – Radhika

“There are lots of volunteering opportunities for environmental or social action. Once you volunteer, you become more and involved in these causes and more motivated to take the lead. ” – Bogdan

“Yes Club helped me develop meaniful relationship with people effortlessly.” – Mini

“Yes club is an experience that happens to you. I have learnt that the more you give, the more you get. ” – Krishna

“You will learn a lot of soft skills that makes you live life better. ” – Siva

“Yes Club is one of the coolest club in UTD. The volunteering was fun and I have made a lot of friends for life.” – Varun

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